Couple Internships


Are you in a relationship and want to deepen your relationship with each other? Do you want to meet your outer and inner couple? Mvie and Fabrice offer you couple courses in a safe and healthy space.

A privileged time to question together the question of the Couple , of the union of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine in oneself and through oneself, in the Other and with the Other.

  • Tantra Workshop 1: The Roots of Desire
  • Tantra Stage 2: The Radiance of the Heart
  • Tantra Stage 3: The Voice of Intuition
  • Tantra Stage 4: From Connection to Roots
  • Tantra Stage 5: Touch and Heal

It is through movement, breath and sound that we will activate our life energy, or sexual energy, to circulate it in all our dimensions.

Couple courses are real parentheses in life that you can treat yourself to for a weekend.

Testimony of Mvie following the tantra 4 course :

From the Connection to the Roots, or how to walk the Path of an incarnated spirituality… How to follow this golden thread which connects the Red to the white, which unites Shiva to Shakti and gathers, alchimises, the Sacred Fire of the Earth to the Fire light from the Source.

On the Way from the Intimate to the Universal, we explore this link of Love and Consciousness carrying meaning. We experience the alliance of our wild and divine parts, of our dense and subtle dimensions.

What joy and what magnificent energy emerge from these encounters!

Stage Tantra Par Mvie

To do a tantra course as a couple is to open yourself fully to the Universal in your Reliance to the Source. Then you can bring its potentiated energies back into your ordinary reality and into your grounding!


Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

Medicine woman on the way
Energy care – Accompaniment – Tantra and Shamanism course – Circles of Sisters – Shamanic, Systemic and Family ConstellationsTraining men and women medicines on the way

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Couple internship by Mvie

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