Circles of Men

Fabrice Negre therapist

Fabrice Negre, my companion, offers you Circles of Alchemical and Shamanic Men .

It is through the masculine medicine wheel, the lineage of the fathers and the prestige of the child that he accompanies you in circles of men.

These precious moments are first of all a meeting of men, who together create a sacred space in which everyone can express themselves and find their place.

It is through free speech, listening, respect and equality within the circle that men can resonate with each other.

The circles of men thus allow each one to know where he is in order to be able to transmute his old energies. The purpose of this transmutation is to create a new harmony, a new space in which each man is more aware of himself.

Les Cercles take place in Drôme.

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Circles of men by Fabrice
circle of men

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