Systemic, Familial, and Shamanic Constellations

Tantra workshop by Mvie

Mvie invites you to discover or deepen the systemic, family and shamanic constellations to accompany you in your personal and/or professional development.

The impact of our genealogical heritage is the same for each of us. Studies have established that any traumatic event or any unresolved drama destabilizes the family for a long time. This can have consequences that are transmitted from generation to generation and can spread to all areas of life.

We are therefore all personally impacted by the minor dramas of our families as well as by the major dramas of humanity.

The Systemic and Shamanic Constellations allow us to release and pacify all memories. This work thus makes it possible to put love back into circulation, in the visible and the invisible, in all dimensions...

Working in a constellation offers the possibility of evolving in a group. You will work on your story in resonance with the stories of other constellations.

You may be asked to pose your constellation or simply to be in support of another constellation. This will inevitably make a story resonate in you, the magic of the constellations can then operate...

The memories we carry reverberate through 7 generations above us and 7 generations below us.

Each time we work for the healing of a person, we are then working for the Men and Women who walked before her over 7 generations, and for the Men and Women who will walk after her over 7 generations...
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Family Constellations by Mvie

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