The Way of the Drum and the 7 directions of the Medicine Wheel

Shamanism by Mvie

Mvie invites you to enter the way of the drum by exploring the 7 directions of the medicine wheel . This work will be carried out through shamanism, tantra and systemic constellations.

The different traditions have placed man in a “ Medicine Wheel ”. Indeed, perceiving what surrounds us and knowing its energies is essential to advance in consciousness on the Path of life ...

Sacred space through the drum track

The Medicine Wheel is a Sacred space , a Wheel containing and representing the Universe. It describes Man's relationship with the world around him and explains how the cosmos behaves and identifies itself.

It also brings balance, awareness and healing. And if its representations are different according to the traditions, they all go in the same direction: " the One is in the All, the All is in the One "...

I propose to you, according to the rhythm of the seasons, to explore in different places, your Wheel of Life , your Medicine Wheel. The 5 weekends can be done separately or consecutively.

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The Way of the Drum by Mvie

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