Last full moon of the year

full winter moon

Jeudi 8 à l’aube … 🌕 Dernière pleine Lune de l’Année, alors que les feuilles sur les arbres jaunissent encore … Si la Pleine lune est l’occasion que nos vœux de nouvelle Lune arrivent à maturité et voient le jour, elle est aussi le moment de prendre une grande respiration et de sentir l’apogée de son énergie avant sa redescente.

Here, this climax is colored by the tension created between Sagittarius, a Fire sign in the Sun, and Gemini, an Air sign in the Moon... the air stirs up the Fire and the position of Mars accentuates doubts and doubts. conflicts … so maybe you feel tense, tested, impressionable, frozen or in full doubt? Maybe you feel that the magnificent momentum given by Sagittarius has been stopped in full swing?

Winter Solstice Ritual

In this last straight line before the solstice and the passage towards 2023, I see in this period as an invitation to stay even more on our course! I sense an opportunity to assert our choices even more firmly!

🏹What is really important to me? What is my direction? What do I really want to nurture in my life? What projects are close to my heart?

I suggest you to clear this path to take a sheet and fold it into three equal parts! On the left you will write your desires, your projects, your desires, your dreams! In the middle your limitations, your impediments, your doubts, your toxic links, your limiting beliefs or those of others about you… that is to say everything that prevents you from carrying out your projects! On the right your potential, your strengths, your abilities, your faculties, your support, your help to achieve your desires!

Ritual with fire

Then look at everything you wrote...

Tear the central part and destroy it in conscience that it represents all that you do not want any more! Offer it to the Fire or even to the trash, thanking each element and saying: “thank you for your teachings but I no longer need you! I free myself! »

Finally put side by side your projects and your potentials and allow them to meet! Read them aloud, tape the two sheets together or carefully copy the two parts by mixing them, use colored markers, put the words together... in short, enjoy linking your life impulses and the energy that allows you to implement them !!!

Make yourself a pretty sheet that will accompany you for this end of the year to see clearly your direction to come!

Thank the sagittarius, the amazon or even the archer who aims correctly!🏹🌈savor🌕🏹🌕

Happy Full Moon everyone🌕


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