Year 2023, year of the Chariot

Mvie tantra and shamanism

What 2023 has in store for you

It's time to give you some explanations of what the year 2023 will bring us through the cart map! This is only my reading and my experience of the cart, but I am happy to share it with you, because it is a card that vibrates very strongly in my energy!

The year 2023 by Mvie, tantra and shamanism

The trolley invites us first of all to global coherence, to homeostasis !!! Yes ! This ability that we have to regulate and harmonize ourselves whatever the external conditions!!!

Indeed, this arcana represents all the parts of our being:

  • The cart is our body part,
  • The two horses are our emotional part,
  • The coachman our mind,
  • The crown and the starry veil our spiritual part!

How to harmonize all the parts in us?

  • To be balanced, connected and appeased, to demonstrate its ability to move, to travel, to be in social and material success, the cart shows us how to harmonize all the parts in us !
  • He invites us to have a holistic approach to our being. It is an invitation to take care to connect, to reintegrate and to cover all the parts of us so that they communicate together and make the decisions that correspond to us!!

Connection to Akasha

Looking carefully at the map of the wagon, we can observe its different parts and learn from it:

✨✨✨ The trolley invites us to move, but the wheel placed behind the trolley informs us that to move correctly you have to know how to stop ! Do not rush headlong at the risk of going too fast and injuring yourself! It is necessary to take care of your mount and sometimes even let it be driven by the very movement of the universe!

✨✨✨ Horses are our engine, they give us the power to move forward ! They still have to go in the same direction! They represent our emotions which sometimes carry us away, torment us, tear us apart and divert us from our path! It is up to us to listen to them, to pacify them in order to be able to welcome them and live them with mastery.

✨✨✨ The coachman is our spirit! The part of us that drives our cart. If this pilot is only a head then the mind takes over and directs us towards the ego. Our thoughts invade us and cut us off from our other dimensions. Fortunately, the face of the Moon and the Sun are there, on our shoulders, to whisper to us the wisdom of the universe. Thus our guidance becomes clear and aligned with the divine plans.

✨✨✨Finally this crown evokes material success, but which also speaks of reliance to Akasha, to the great matrix of the Universe which contains all the information! And this veil in the colors of the universe that connects us to so much, opens our soul to universality and frees us from the pangs of the little story. So we can welcome and manifest our greatness of soul ✨????✨

All these dimensions can be worked on in our tantra courses and/or our shamanism courses.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

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