Candlemas: celebration of light and abundance

Imbolc celebration by Mvie

Imbolc is a Celtic festival that marks an important milestone in the calendar, the Wheel of the Seasons and therefore the Medicine Wheel !

Also called Candlemas , this celebration of Light and the call of abundance is celebrated between the winter solstice and the spring equinox . Perhaps you have already sautéed a pancake with a coin or a gold louis in your hand?

It is a period of purification and cleansing . It is a time of preparation for the renewal to come, slowly and consciously.

Like the snowdrop whose beauty feeds our souls in the cold, light emerges from the depths of our beings. It expands from the thickness of our nights to illuminate our shadows and allow them to dawn, finally pacified, at the dawn of new days.

Imbolc on Movie
Imbolc on Movie

Take care of yourself for Imbolc

This interior time which turns slowly towards tomorrow offers us to really look at what is essential to us. Thus, in the heart of winter, the light increases each day to allow us to gently awaken our forces . We also awaken our desires and take care of what will soon hatch.

At this time I like to do purification rituals with water, to honor the light and the Earth which welcome the seeds of my intentions! I wear white and take the time I need to light up my shadows. I visit the parts of me that hide in the night.

This is about honoring them, welcoming them, giving them the space they need to show their potential rather than their wounds. I reveal the hidden strengths and I take care to feed my energy with what I really need 🙏🌈


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