Monday February 20, New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces by Mvie

Evolution or Eternal Return?

As with every lunation, there is a beginning and there is an end. But this time, the new moon in Pisces represents the end of the cycle of the 12 lunations of the year ! Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. After him there will be the equinox and the beginning of spring! And then the great wheel of the zodiac, like the great medicine wheel, will begin a new cycle. This will be the energy of Aries and the opening of the Eastern Gate!

In the meantime, here we are again at the end… The end of the end… but how to live this end so that it does not simply announce the eternal restarting of what we know by heart?

How to choose evolution and not the eternal return?

Through the new moon in Pisces, the Pisces offers us his hypersensitivity and his intuition to shed light on these questions... he who swims in these infinite waters, he who is linked to all the memories of water and humanity... he invites us to dive into our depths, to a time of introspection.

Bien que difficile à canaliser le poisson est un merveilleux indicateur de ce qui est dans l’affect et dans l’invisible ! Il met en lumière tout ce qui est caché, enfoui, dissimulé. Le poisson met en exergue tout ce qui nous tiraille consciemment ou inconsciemment, tout ce qui oeuvre en nous dans un sens et son contraire ! Il révèle notre rapport aux autres, aux monde…🐟🐟🐟

Confront your own secrets

This new Pisces Moon then comes to seek us out of our dark areas, our troubled waters and those laden with memories… it questions us about the link between our dreams and our reality, our illusions, our inconsistencies. She confronts us with our own secrets… She comes to look for us on the question of our place in society, conformity or self-confidence… in short, she invites us to dive into our abysses…

Let's ride this wave to shed light on these shadows that deceive us about ourselves! Let's dare to go beyond the veils of illusion to open ourselves to our depths and clarify them!

Bien sur, nous risquons d’être bousculés… il nous faudra du courage. D’autant que l’hyper émotivité du poisson pourra brouiller les pistes… 🌊Mais laissons nous faire par la vie, ça n’est qu’un passage ! Laissons nous rouler entre les vagues pour retrouver le juste flux de notre énergie ! Alors des chapitres se terminerons, des situations se dénouerons e la clareté refera surface. L’eau redeviendra limpide et nous serons libre d’évoluer à nouveau ! Car le poisson est aussi rapide, fluide et passionné ! Après avoir plongé dans ses profondeurs il est plus que jamais intuitif et brillant.

The Wheel will then continue its cycle but it will be spiral, evolution, transformation !

Pisces New Moon Guidance

Get out of the eternal return to afford evolution!

I suggest you read these questions and write your answers. Do it slowly, taking the time to dive into your depths and welcome your emotions.🌊

The new moon invites us to observe and identify. If you take stock honestly, since the time you complete cycles, you can free yourself from your shackles by setting intentions:

  • What has really changed and what keeps coming back?
  • What has changed significantly and what continues to repeat itself?
  • What is evolving and what is still waiting?

The new Moon invites us to take strong action:

  • In view of your previous list, what is really important? Not what allows you to conform or, conversely, to stand out… but for You! Truly, deeply for you!
  • What do you need to end and how can you go about it?
  • What do you want to use the released energy for and how can you go about it?

The new Moon gives us the opportunity to engage again:

  • What are you really committing to? For you, with you?
  • What concrete actions are you going to take to honor your commitment?
  • What are the steps and what is the timing?

And There you go ! Everything is laid down, there on your paper! It's up to you to go now! It's a beautiful direction to walk towards spring!!

We meet at the new Moon in Aries to push the doors that are just waiting to be opened!

beautiful new moon🌑

heart to heart


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