Why mix shamanism with Tantra?

Tantra and shamanism

🌹Open a Sacred Space, dedicated to encounter🌹

Why mix shamanism with Tantra? Because obviously, one Way feeds another. Beyond a benevolent and safe space , the power of the Medicine Wheel allows us to meet in the density of a Sacred, Connected and Anchored Space !

It allows us to connect beyond the visible, in all the dimensions of our beings.

From shamanism to tantra: and the shamanic constellations?

The shamanic constellations invite us to contact our potentials in order to put them at the service of our evolution.

They activate our resources and nourish who we really are. We then regain our power and put ourselves back at the Center of our history. From there, we can go towards the other full of ourselves!

Fabrice and Mvie invite you to approach tantra through shamanism and shamanic constellations with respect for everyone by linking spirituality and tantra .

Spirituality and Tantra

Tantra is one of the few forms of spirituality that does not sideline sexuality, as it is the path to unity. Its iconography shows it well because one of the strong symbols of Tantra is this representation of Shiva and Shakti united in yab-yum.

More than a sexual position, the yab-yum symbolizes the union of consciousness, Shiva , and energy (or vitality), Shakti .

Shiva is like the pillar of the world and Shakti, the movement through which life can be born.

Yab-yum means "father-mother" in Tibetan. It is also the image of the inner couple , the symbiosis of polarities within us.

Tantra is the path of embodied spirituality

Tantra is the “fast” way, the “courageous” way, because it plunges us into experience and leads us irremediably to the death of illusion (about ourselves). This path of non-duality is a magnificent way to get back to the center of your life, in consciousness, in energy.

The tantra courses that we offer offer the practice of Tantra with a spiritual and energetic dimension. We thus offer a solid framework, an attitude and a benevolent listening. Very beautiful transformations can then take place before our eyes, and it is sometimes miraculous.

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