Purification ritual with the elements

Purification ritual by Mvie

water element

Today I choose the Water element for this purification ritual with the elements. I wish to purify myself, to wash away everything I no longer need.

It's the end of the dark season, the beginning of the light season...

In the coolness of April, I let the medicine of water and water beyond carry away its winter and I choose the sea as the water element for this ritual of purification.

The eastern door opens,

Beltaine arrive…

The medicine of the wind clarifies my spirit, invigorates me and invites me to enter the dance!

The dance of the eagle flying and soaring above the clouds!

The dance of the Sun rising at dawn!

The dance of renewal!

It's a celebration of light and the new cycle!

I feel the waves on my skin, their softness and liveliness lightens me up and awakens me! The surf of the sea invites me to open up, to let go, and to come back to myself...

I honor the medicine of Water and La Porte du Nord !

Thank you for taking the crystallizations of winter, the immobility of cold, the slowness of silence.

I honor them with gratitude for their teachings and thank them for allowing me now to lay them down until next winter….

To be reborn in the spring!

I am


Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

Medicine woman on the way
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