The energy passage of a door in shamanism

Energy passage of a door in shamanism by mvie

Change in energy and change in vibration

A door is a passage. It brings about a transformation, a change of space, time or state… there is a before… there is a crossing… there is an after.

And what after? Often the unknown... It's a blessing! Incredible luck!

So it is possible to go through doors without realizing it, or to make choices! We can make the decision from one direction!

Choose our evolution and make it vibrate from our Heart!

So today, I wake up and I take action in matter!🌈I put myself in my Sacred Space, I center myself in my Heart and I thank it for its magnificent pulsation of Life🌈

Gate and shamanism by mvie
Energy passage in shamanism by mvie

The passage of the door

From my heart I visualize the passage, the door in the form that suits me best. I choose this color, its shape, its texture!🌈I feel like I'm on the other side of the change!

On the doorstep, ready to make a pass🌈I then take stock of “where I am”.

What makes me feel good, my questions, what hinders me, my fears, my doubts, my beliefs in the here and now🌈

I look through the door and think of what I wish I was on the other side! What I would like to change, see hatch, take shape etc…🌈from my Heart I set my intention clearly!

I refine it, I repeat it to myself internally to check its vibration in me... I specify it❤️I validate it!🌈

I visualize that I am dropping everything that could get in the way of embodying this intention and seeing it manifest. I'm making a small heap of my fears, my doubts, my limitations… I'm about to leave this heap behind me! I repeat my intention...

🌈And I walk through the door soaking in the vibration of my intention and in gratitude for all the changes to come.🙏🌈🌈I visualize that I am on the other side and that I give thanks.

Gate and shamanism by mvie

Thank you, thank you, thank you at the door, thank you to me for the possibilities I offer myself to evolve and grow, thank you to the universe for receiving my intention, thank you to life for welcoming who I am, thank you to the passage of allowing me to become the best version of myself🙏❤️

And I let go of the energy!🌈This passage can last 5 minutes or the day… I offer myself the possibility of concave time to this transformation!

Thanks to the powerful vibration of the chariot for supporting me and to the energy of the 7!🌈



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