Full Wizarding Moon

Full Wizarding Moon by Mvie

Tantra and shamanism

This Thursday, August 31, here is the Wizarding Full Moon ! Not only is it a super moon – that is to say very close to the Earth – but it is also the second of the month of August! This double phenomenon only occurs every 10 to 20 years ! It offers powerful energy carried by the vibration of fish and Neptune…

This is the ideal opportunity for me to deepen my relationship with my Feminine Medicine Wheel , because its energy will be potentiated!

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Tantra and shamanism by Mvie

Where am I in my female cycle?

🌕I am in the so-called “Good Mother” cycle: I ovulate - or close to my ovulation - in the full moon.

🩸I am in the cycle of the “Witch in Power”: blood is flowing, I have the moons or I am close to my moons.

💧I'm menopausal and I'm everywhere, so I let myself feel what connects to me the strongest!

Whatever my conclusion, this energy will be maximized by the Wizards' Moon . Neptune invites me to delve into my interiority and to welcome my sensitivity exacerbated by the stars. The period is conducive to receptivity, the messages can be more numerous but also more subtle and they require silence and gentleness...

Energy passage of a door in shamanism by mvie

Full moon messages?

🌕What does the Mother teach me about myself? How can I, with his help, listen even more to my needs and respond to them in a good balance with the world? How can I serve myself and others accurately?

The medicine of creativity will be my ally!

🩸What does the witch show me about my intuition, my shadows, my inner world? How can I be even more receptive to the accuracy of my interiority? How to let the hidden faces of my aspirations emerge in connection with the great mystery?

Dream medicine will be my ally!

💧What did the wise woman tell me about her wisdom and her intuitive access to knowledge? How to be this water woman, fluid and available for herself and for transmission? How to go from receptivity to emissivity accurately?

The medicine of water and the connection to Akasha will be my ally!

In any case, I take advantage of this star chart to give myself time for introspection, creation and writing... I also let myself dream and rest to let my deep aspirations emerge from my unconscious. I surrender to the great Spirit to let all the information I need come to me.

🌈🙏I will offer them at the Full Moon, Thursday, in intentions and gratitude🙏🌈

I wish you a magnificent preparation for this Full Moon🌕🐟🌕dear Sisters

❤️🌈🙏With all my heart


Tantra and shamanism
Tantra and shamanism

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