Shakti, at the center of the medicine wheel

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The feminine medicine wheel has 5 directions: Center, East, South, West and North. Find in this article the presentation of the center of the feminine medicine wheel symbolized by Shakti .

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Circle of women by Mvie

Shakti and the sacred feminine

Shakti is a Sanskrit term that refers to divine feminine energy or power in Hinduism. It represents the dynamic and creative force inherent in all living beings.

Shakti is often associated with goddesses from Hindu mythology such as Durga, Kali and Lakshmi, who embody different facets of this divine energy.

In spiritual and philosophical traditions, Shakti is considered the cosmic energy that engenders creation, maintenance and transformation. Awakening and harnessing this inner Shakti can lead to spiritual growth, empowerment and self-realization.

Yoga, meditation and tantra practices often focus on awakening and balancing the Shakti energy within ourselves. Through different techniques, individuals can tap into this power and cultivate a harmonious connection with the universe.

Shakti is not limited to gender or physical form. It is a universal energy that transcends boundaries and exists in all things. By embracing and honoring the Shakti within ourselves and all living beings, we can help bring about a greater sense of unity, compassion and harmony in the world.

The potential of Shakti lies within you. Embrace your inner power and let it flow into every aspect of your life.


Skakti Archetype

At the center of the feminine medicine wheel is the archetype of Shakti, the one who embodies the feminine principle in all its dimensions.

  • It brings together and harmonizes all the archetypes of the Feminine Cycle.

  • It is this power , this force which sets them in motion, bringing them fluidity and continuity. She finds her energy in knowing its different facets.

  • She can call them, use them according to her needs, or by following the cycle of the Moon .

  • She is the anchor and centering point of the feminine , where the wisdom and potential of each archetype are manifested.

Constellator training by mvie
Purification ritual by Mvie

Shakti is represented by water time

In the Feminine Cycle, it corresponds to the time of water , that is to say to the wisdom of menopause . This moment of Life when Women, after having long explored the Life-Death-Life cycle punctuated by the time of the Moons and the flowing blood, enter into a new energy. An energy of renewal, nourished by the cycle, but outside the Cycle.

Indeed, since the dawn of time, the blood of women has been sacred . It was used in rituals for its magic, its fertile power and its power of life. It connects all the Women of humanity through their Yoni, also called the door to humanity. The blood of women connects all Men of humanity to their incarnation. Thanks to this blood, from their first moons until menopause, Women are deeply connected to the great Mystery of Life . They carry within themselves the possibility of creating and transmitting it. They have the power to welcome life, make it grow and bring it into the world. Whether they use it or not, they have this creative magic within them.

Shakti Sacred Space

But they are also dependent on this cycle which rhythms them. The arrival of water time then frees them from these cycles so that they can stand at the Center of their Medicine Wheel . There, all archetypes become inexhaustible and available resources. A complete and unified woman, Shakti fully inhabits her Sacred space . She knows how to slide from one energy to another depending on her needs.

Like Shakti, we will place ourselves at the Center of our Medicine Wheels to discover each archetype. We will meet them, we will integrate them, we will experiment and explore their bright and dark sides, like so many potentials to be balanced and tamed. We will learn - whether we are in the time of the moons or the water - to no longer submit to our physiological rhythms but to welcome them, fluidify them and potentiate them by covering all parts of ourselves.

Circle of women by Mvie

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Circle of women by Mvie
Circles of women by Mvie
Circle of women by Mvie
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