The Amazon in the East of the feminine medicine wheel

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“She who walks on the Sacred Land”

Within the feminine Medicine Wheel , a powerful symbol of spirituality and personal growth, the East is associated with many notions of rebirth, renewal and transformation . It is in the East that we find the archetype of the Amazon Woman , a fascinating figure who embodies strength, determination and the quest for oneself . In this article, we will explore the meaning of the Amazon Woman in the Feminine Medicine Wheel tradition and what she represents in our spiritual journey.

The Amazon is the one who receives the teachings of the Witch to bring them to the light of day. She can thus embody them in matter, by creating new impulses.

The Amazon and the sacred feminine

The Amazon woman knows how to be reborn and welcome the seeds brought by life. It allows the encounter with the Sacred Feminine by discovering and rediscovering its feminine power.

This is achieved thanks to the momentum of Life which pushes it out of winter and out of the shadows. Rich in the wisdom of dark times, she has the humility and the courage to make a new start in each cycle. She is naked, she is creation, she is liberation!

The Amazon sets its intentions, determines its direction and designs its projects. She dares to show herself and assume her power. Free and independent woman, standing woman, she belongs only to herself. She manifests and assumes her place in the world.

In the female cycle, it is between the 8th and 14th day of the cycle. This is the pre-ovulatory phase.

The Amazon moves towards the Mother and gives her its energy of liberation and creation.

The Medicine Wheel: A Map of the Inner World

The Medicine Wheel is a cosmological and spiritual model that finds its roots in Native American traditions. It represents the cyclicality of life, the cyclical nature of all things. Each cardinal point of the Medicine Wheel is associated with specific elements, teachings and archetypes. The East is traditionally linked to the element of Air , dawn, spring and birth.

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The Archetype of the Amazon Woman

The Amazon Woman archetype, which is found to the East of the Medicine Wheel, embodies qualities of courage, determination and self-confidence. She is a spiritual warrior , an intrepid traveler on the path to self-discovery. The Amazon Woman is ready to face life's challenges with a fierce and resolute attitude. She is free, independent and capable of fighting for what she believes in.

The Teachings of the Amazon Woman

The Amazon Woman archetype reminds us of the importance of perseverance and resilience in our own spiritual journey. She invites us to stand up with determination in the face of obstacles and to never give up on our dreams and goals . The Amazon Woman also teaches us the importance of autonomy and independence, of self-determination in the quest for our true essence.

Circle of Women: The Great Circle of Sisters

The archetype of the Amazon Woman East of the Medicine Wheel reminds us that we have within us the strength to overcome challenges and achieve our dreams. It symbolizes rebirth , resilience and self-confidence . By integrating the energy of the Amazon Woman into our lives, we can embrace our own inner power and continue our spiritual journey with renewed determination.

I suggest you come and experience and integrate this woman within you during an upcoming circle of women.

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