Stages de Tantra Mixtes

The path of Tantra, from the intimate to the universal

Tantra workshop by mvie

Cycle of 5 tantra courses

Mvie and Fabrice are pleased to offer you their cycle of 5 tantra courses : “The Way of Tantra, from the Intimate to the Universal…”

You will evolve in a sacred, reassuring and benevolent space, where Tantra, supported by family Constellations and Shamanism, invites us on an initiatory path of Consciousness and Transformation .

We dedicate each of our courses to a particular theme, corresponding to a rise of the chakras two by two.

Tantra Workshop 1: The Roots of Desire

This weekend's themes focus on the First and Second Chakra .

It's about raising awareness of your sacred space and nurturing your inner security .

You will then be able to dare to live your desire and go into the meeting with accuracy and respect.

Tantra workshop by Mvie
Tantra workshop by Mvie

Tantra Stage 2: The Radiance of the Heart

This course focuses on the third and fourth chakra .

It will be a question here of mobilizing one's energy of Life and exploring the relationship with the other in all its facets, from the softest to the most complex.

You will be brought to feel the games and the challenges of projections through the other and the links that lead you to the relationship.

This course is an invitation to affirm your Being in the World and to open your Heart to welcome your inner couple.

Tantra Stage 3: The Voice of Intuition

This weekend will be dedicated to the fifth and sixth chakra .

The goal is to become a creator of your life by opening up to subtle information .

It's an invitation to free your hyper-senses to see beyond appearances.

You will then be able to allow yourself to listen and express your medicine song and your creative word . Go beyond the veils of illusions to meet the other in all its dimensions.

(Opening Sacred Tobacco Ceremony )

Tantra workshop by Mvie
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Tantra Stage 4: From Connection to Roots

The seventh and the first chakra will be at the center of this course.

We will invite you to let yourself be carried away by the vibration of the cosmic dance of Shiva and Shakti, to travel together.

Thus, you will be able to open yourselves fully to the Universal in your Reliance with the Source.

Then you can bring its potentiated energies back into your ordinary reality and into your grounding!

Tantra Stage 5: Touch and Heal

This course will invite you to develop a conscious touch .

You will regain your full power and allow yourself to heal the wounds of the story .

Enter the depths of the intimate, to honor all the parts of your Being and bring them back to Life.

( 1st Chakra Healing Ritual )

Tantra and shamanism course by mvie

This set is coherent and progressive, but each course can also be done individually and in the order you want. You are welcome alone or as a couple.

Movements and breaths in Tantra

“During the meetings, we will explore all the facets of our Being through our Chakras, linked two by two by the Tantric Loops of energetic circulation.

We will play on our dualities and our polarities within ourselves as well as in the encounter, in order to move towards Union.

Through movement, breath and sound, we will awaken our life energy , or sexual energy , to circulate it in all our dimensions. It is by circulating through all our layers that the energy of life will free us from our blockages, our wounds or our limitations. It will allow us to raise awareness of our functioning and to highlight the spaces of non-life.

Thus we will be able to regain our vitality and discover our potentials contained in all these physical, energetic, emotional, psychic or spiritual spaces.

Tantric and shamanic practices

Through Tantric and Shamanic practices we will explore this passage from the intimate to the universal, this in-between, from shadow to light, from Life to death, from containment to expansion... of the infinitely small to infinitely large.

We will go through our little story (personal story), to understand the Big Story (Trans-generational, Trans-personal…) and open ourselves to the Infinite…

It is through this path of experience that everyone will find their way to explore their deep nature , in a connection to themselves, to the Divine in themselves and to the whole Universe.

The world of the elements, of the spirits, our spiritual guides, the connection to the Source and to Mother Earth will be our guidance.

Thus we will experience Rituals in consciousness , breaths, meditations, massages like messages, trance dances, healings, transmutations.

Tantra by mvie and fabrice
Tantra workshop by mvie
Tantra workshop by mvie

Calendar 2023/2024

  • Tantra 1: The Roots of Desire, 1st and 2nd chakras: from April 21 to 23, 2023, at Domaine de la Chapelle (04).
  • Tantra 2: Radiation of the Heart, 3rd and 4th chakras: from June 16 to 18, 2023, at Domaine de la Chapelle (04).
  • Tantra 3: The Voice of Intuition, 5th and 6th Chakras: from September 29 to October 1, 2023, at Domaine de la Chapelle (04).
  • Tantra 4 : De la Reliance aux Racines, 7ème et 1er chakras : du 8 au 10 décembre 2023, Au mas du Figuier (04).
  • Tantra 5 : Toucher et Guérir, mars 2024, Au mas du Figuier (04).

Useful information

After completing the form below (one form per person), we will contact you for a first telephone contact.
If you validate your registration, you will then receive an email with the practical details and the procedure to follow.

Prices per course:

Dans une fourchette entre 220 (prix solidaire) et 420 euros à ajuster en conscience.
Hébergement en pension complète 184 euros en moyenne en fonction des lieux.  

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