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Mvie's career began with years of artistic research on the notion of Transcendence, Life and Death. She first expressed his sensitivity in his work on the intimate and the universal in creative processes. They led him to teach plastic expression and navigate between creativity, sensitivity, listening and transmission. It was after several Near Death experiences that Mvie was clearly called upon to accompany souls towards their Healing as a Medicine Woman and Teacher .

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The Family Constellations , Tantra , Shamanism and Meditation were all practices of development and personal healing, which led her to accompaniment and Transmission.

Mvie is trained in Chinese energy , Tantra (by several schools), and shamanism. Guided by the world of the Spirits, she has developed a holistic approach to the individual, nourished by their hyper-sensitivity, their perceptions and their spirituality.

Its accompaniment takes place in the Vibration of the drum, the voice and the sound. She works with shamanic constellations, symbolic acts and rites of passage. This allows work in the here and now and in the Wholeness of being. It invites to take care of the physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual dimensions.

Celtic, Tantric and Native American traditions

Linked to Celtic, Tantric and Amerindian traditions , Mvie accompanies Women and Men to regain their power over themselves. To reconnect to their Life energies and to heal their wounds. She offers them to reposition themselves at the Center of their Medicine Wheel . This in order to recover their potential, to be fully in harmony and in consciousness on their path of Life.

Mvie - tantra and shamanism
Mvie tantra and shamanism
Mvie trantra and shamanism course
Mvie tantra and shamanism course

Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

Medicine woman on the way
Energy care – Accompaniment – Tantra and Shamanism course – Circles of Sisters – Shamanic, Systemic and Family ConstellationsTraining men and women medicines on the way

06 63 15 89 57 – mvie.connection@gmail.com

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