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Mvie and Fabrice Nègre – therapists

Mvie and his companion Fabrice Nègre welcome you all year around courses in shamanism, tantra and family constellations . Whether you are alone, as a couple or as a family, several internship and weekend proposals are made for you to support you in your personal development .

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Interview with Mvie, conducted by Chacko from Tantra Evolution:

“Death and Life at the center of the Medicine Wheel”

Interview with Mvie conducted by Marie de Tantrissime:

“My vision of Tantra and shamanism”

Article by Mvie and Fabrice written for Meditation France:

“When Tantra meets Shamanism and the Constellations” or how to expand one's consciousness and one's being, on the Way of Unity , by Mvie and Fabrice.

From our experience, Tantra is a path of experimentation and exploration of connection to the divine in us and all around us. It is a path of transformation and awakening that invites us to explore our wholeness.

Tantra is inclusive. It includes the body, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual; it concerns the Self, the Other and the World; it proposes the growth and alchemy of these different elements. He offers us to put our energies into circulation at all these levels of consciousness in order to free and potentiate our vitality, our momentum of Life.

In the Tantra courses, we often propose practices of meeting oneself, the other and the flows which circulate, or do not circulate, in oneself and in the relationship. Whether through dances, active meditations, games of gaze, contact, mind-body practices, massages, rituals, symbolic acts, healing structures, etc., we invite you to set the energies in motion. presence to release its vital potential and increase its consciousness. We facilitate liberations and accompany the healing of personal, transgenerational or even transpersonal wounds , thus allowing us to increase our capacity for full Presence...

But Tantra is much more than that… As a Way of embodied spirituality, it is a path of connection to the Divine. He questions us on how to perceive the Divine in matter, in life, in the here and now. We then guide to open a Sacred space , a space of Consciousness and Healing in which our possibility of welcoming “what is” can grow indefinitely!


And it is through the elevation of the vibratory rate , the connection to the Source and to the Fire of the Earth, the liberation from the veils of illusion, the presence, the entire availability to the here and now that can be open the door to Transcendence. Thus welcoming is no longer a mental concept or an approach in itself, but an experience that is lived on all levels of being!

Effectively, Transcendence consists in letting oneself be crossed by greater than oneself, by Heaven and Earth, the subtle and the dense, the spiritual and the material... that is to say to live everything "inside" and to let this “All” unfold within us.

And if Tantra does not seek awakening by working to reach the top of the mountain, it invites us rather to be the top of the mountain, the whole mountain, and its forests, its streams, its lakes, its paths etc… It leads us to consider everything that is, to feel it, to feel it, then to let ourselves go through... to integrate it, to "complete" it!

This completeness brings an extremely powerful vibrating intensity and a very strong connection to Life in all its dimensions, that is to say in the Life-death-life cycle... It allows us to feel both full of energy and available. for all that is. As if an immense space opened inside and could extend all around us in an expansion of consciousness. As if there was nothing more to look for outside. This feeling of Unity offers to open a freer and fairer look! A gaze of pure love on the world, a gaze that sees the divine all around it.

Connected to the Whole, constantly opening up our reception areas a little more, experimenting with all possibilities, the Way of Tantra invites us to vibrate with intensity and spontaneity the dimensions from the densest to the most subtle of Life in Oneself. So this path, or what we experience of it today, proposes to bring everything together and to live the experience of the Unity of the Heart, of non-duality. It is total and complete .

Why then appeal to Shamanism or the Constellations to walk on the path of Tantra?

Because all is one and all traditions come together in Unity Consciousness. My path of experience has been nourished by the different traditions encountered throughout my life. I received two types of initiations: those dispensed by teachers and those transmitted by the world of the spirits, in particular during my encounters with death. They make me who I am. How then to choose to separate, to divide the teachings, which all speak from the same Heart and which shaped me?

Shamanism is the oldest of the spiritual paths, from which Tantrism is derived… It addresses us today with different words. In appearance… Because it also offers to live this unity with everything that surrounds us.

The path of shamanism

The Way of Shamanism offers a cartography of the visible and the invisible to navigate the world, which considers time and space in a decompartmentalized and particular way: in shamanism "ordinary" and "non-ordinary" reality coexist. This non-ordinary reality includes the spirit world that can be encountered in the dreamtime. It allows the journey in the shamanic worlds and the meeting with the allied spirits, it carries the dimension of the care and the healing of the soul. Carried by animism, this way allows to contact and to name the divine in each thing, each being. She will talk about the spirit of trees, stones, water or air. The spirit is the Great spirit, which animates everything… the Divine.

  • It is this sacred circle which, like the encyclies -circles in the water- creates a resonance between all levels of perception and consciousness. She is a metaphor for Life.
  • It represents the entire Universe, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, where everything begins and everything ends. Each of its directions - the North, the South, the East, the West, but also the Sky, the Earth and the Center - vibrates with a sacred energy rich in teachings, available to everyone.
  • It calls on the seasons, the directions, the elements, the colors, the animals of power , the plants or even everything that is part of our environment, it puts them in resonance with our individual plans and the different periods of our life. .
  • It helps us to understand our functioning and our environment, and allows us to measure our strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • It also allows us to contact the fact that all our potentials are within us, just at our fingertips and that what we perceive from the outside reflects this.

In our teachings it is through the Medicine Wheel that we introduce shamanism.

The medicine wheel

In our workshops , the metamorphoses, the journeys to the drum, the connection to the elements and to the guardians of the directions, to our animals of powers or our allied spirits will help us to put even more awareness on what is happening all around us and in us, on the subtle planes. Thus the Medicine Wheel guides us in the invisible by offering us its support and its knowledge in every direction.

  • It puts or restarts the life-death-life cycle and like a compass, it invites us to place ourselves in our center.
  • It therefore nourishes the experience that Tantra offers to potentiate the connection to the here and now and to bring everything back into the Self.
  • It reinforces the link to the Sacred with this central axis created by the connection to Heaven and Earth, which, in their divine dimensions, become the Source and the Fire of the Earth.
  • And it puts the Heart, as the center of the 7 directions of the medicine wheel, at the Center of all that is, as a meeting space where opposites can be alchemized to become the infinity of possibilities.

At the Medicine Wheel Center , a place of unity and awakening, All is One. So we like to feel how these traditions extend and complement each other. When Shiva and Shakti in Yab Yum dance at the Center of the Medicine Wheel, the alchemy of Consciousness and Energy radiates and springs to the world!

Women's medicine wheel

Finally, I like to introduce my approach to the Medicine Wheel to the Feminine , which develops and encompasses all facets of the Feminine and in particular the Cycle of the Moons of the Woman . This Medicine Wheel is a very rich contribution for Tantra, because it allows in the alliance of Shiva and Shakti to perceive, to name, to identify and to embrace a little more the Feminine nature, at each moment of its movement.

And what about the Constellations?

In the same way, the constellations are complementary and also provide a broad view of who we are. Whether family, shamanic or spiritual, they are based on the notion of systemic.

  • They make it possible to broaden our gaze, to make visible what is not, and therefore to increase our awareness of the structures and sets of which we are part.
  • They also make it possible to pacify conflicts and to put back into motion what is fixed, blocked, even morbid. By restoring Life where there is none, they free our energy systems so that they are fully available in the Present.
  • The constellations also offer a holistic approach that tends to bring all parts of ourselves together to live in harmony.
  • They allow us to feel how much we belong to the greater whole, how much we are the extension of the other, of his situation, of his thoughts, of himself...and beyond him, of his story, of his lineage... and beyond it, of all humanity.
  • The constellations, by proposing to us to constellate our system or to be a participant for the system of another, make us feel the resonances and the echoes existing between us and the world.
  • They offer us to be transcended by all that is, and invite us to put ourselves at the service of reuniting all that seems separate to us.

In our Tantra courses we call on shamanic and spiritual constellations more than on family constellations (we have other spaces dedicated to purely family constellations). They allow us to explore subtle energies by integrating and experiencing them. They offer us the experience of transcendence, which will allow us, for example, to encounter the energy of Shakti, Shiva, or even kundalini . We will represent our intuition or our Life mission to dialogue, transform, heal and reunite what is cut or divided. Thus we can awaken our potentials by contacting them through the constellations.

Finally, this alchemy is a reflection of who we are.

Journey of Mvie and Fabrice Nègre

Mvie – medicine woman on the way

For my part, my Life experience has led me to meet death three times - following three NDEs in less than 10 years. This led me to experience a huge openness, on all levels, which I had to learn to channel and embody.

Tantra, shamanism and the constellations were then the ideal ways to bring back into my daily life the teachings thus received. They allowed me to pacify and gather in the same place the immensity and the beauty of the Light encountered, the power and the density of the matter and the shadow thus crossed. This place is in me… In my incarnation, in my here and now, in my Heart. As if to integrate and understand this journey, I received in India - in one of the Ashrams of Osho - this name "My Avani Sophia": "the one who unites East and West, the one who unites Heaven and the Earth and who opens the Way". Thus it is with joy and gratitude that I bring together the teachings received on all levels, visible and invisible, in the service of Joy, Life and the healing of souls.

Fabrice – Chinese energy medicine practitioner

Introduced very early on to energy techniques to recover from an operation that was almost fatal to me, the awareness of the movements of energy accompanied me implicitly during the first part of my life. Then I discovered almost at the same time Chinese Medicine , Alchemy , Tantra and Shamanism . These different paths have profoundly changed my vision of the world. Always in research, I like to share practices, ideas, discoveries, during my internships and training. I love telling myself that everything is possible and I observe with joy and gratitude how all together we can expand our fields of consciousness.

In conclusion, let's say that we live today in 2022, we experience the complementarity and the meeting of all these traditions. In a world where everything goes fast and where everything is available, we are extremely lucky to have access to all the teachings. It is with great respect and gratitude that we honor those who have been its guardians and who have preserved them. It is thanks to them that we now have the privilege of alchemizing these treasures and seeing them potentiated. We are today part of those who gather and transmit these Ways which all walk towards Peace, Love, Consciousness and Unity of Heart.

Marie-Véronique Isnard, Woman Medicine on the way
Fabrice Negre, Traditional Chinese Energy Practitioner
Article published in meditation France April 2022″

Training “Medical men and women on the way”

Created by Aurore Lhotte

To honor the end of the Men's and Women's Medicine Training on the way 2020-2022


Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

Medicine woman on the way
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