Hummingbird Constellations Online

Hummingbird constellations online via zoom it's possible and it works!

Hummingbird Constellations Online by Mvie

Mvie offers you a new concept, online hummingbird constellations! You can join this cycle online whenever you want. You will be able to constellate your family, release your tensions, untie blockages and free yourself from the weight of history to get out of repetitive patterns!!! Yes it's possible !!!

Free yourself to free your children ; find or discover personal and family harmony; connect to your personal resources and fully embody your potential!

And I who fiercely resisted the "distanciel" I must admit that its effectiveness impressed me! Seeing the constellations unfold on the screen, the resonances taking place and the energy taking place beyond the kilometers that separate us… a magical and powerful experience to live! Welcome🙏🌈

Come discover or explore the magic of the Hummingbird Constellations on zoom! Each constellation, whether one is a constellation, a representative, an energy guardian or an observer, is a gift. Each constellation works by resonance the miracle of transformation, in us and through us!

Family Constellations by Mvie

This process is an invitation to evolve and to free oneself. Each will do so in his own name and in the name of his entire lineage and all the lineages represented by each person present.

Therefore, through me, through them, through us, a profound transformation becomes possible. This allows healing and an even wider opening towards the Great History… That is to say towards all the Men and Women of humanity.

“Thus, the passage from the intimate to the Universal and from the Universal to the Intimate, allows us to navigate individually and collectively towards more Love and Peace”. Mvie

Useful information

Mondays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. by zoom.
Prices: 60 euros to participate,
100 euros to constellate.

Contact me to register and check the dates on my Facebook page .


Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

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