Hummingbird Constellations


Mvie offers you courses in Family, Systemic & Shamanic Constellations in person or online .

How hummingbird constellations work.

A constellation acts consciously or unconsciously on the constellation and on all the systems to which it belongs: such as that of its family, its close or more distant entourage... Also, as psychogenealogy teaches us, the memories we carry are reverberate on 7 generations above us and 7 generations below us . Each time we work for the healing of a person, we are then working for the Men and Women who walked before her over 7 generations, and for the Men and Women who will walk after her over 7 generations...

The constellation also acts by resonance and by mirror effect on the systems of the present group and the people who are there, in the visible or invisible.

In this line, the possibilities of constellating are immense. You can, for example, choose to constellate to bring pacification to a family, personal, professional, romantic situation, but also an illness, a pain, your home, a move, a birth reference, your Unit, your team of Light , your Medicine Wheel, your Feminine cycle etc…

Find the details of what I offer you around the hummingbird constellations in person or online.

The word of Mvie

Thus, from our Center, we will work for our Healing.
Through us healing will radiate behind us to our ancestors,
it will radiate before us towards our children,
and on the sides towards of our brothers and sisters, those who accompany us on the way….
Through us, through them, we will work for Humanity.


Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

Medicine woman on the way
Energy care – Accompaniment – Tantra and Shamanism course – Circles of Sisters – Shamanic, Systemic and Family ConstellationsTraining men and women medicines on the way

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