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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have an experience of shamanism, Tantra or constellations to do the internships?

The courses are suitable for both neophytes and experienced people.


These are initiations in the shamanic sense of the term, that is to say that you will live and go through personal experiences that will allow you to meet yourselves. Whatever your experience, it's a new journey every time. The groups are then systematically made up of experienced people as well as beginners. I like this alchemy that allows everyone to be welcomed and accompanied according to their needs. The transmission takes place on all levels, because those who finish their Medicine Wheel always have a lot of joy in welcoming those who start it.



What is the connection between Tantra and shamanism?

For me , Tantra and Shamanism are paths, initiatory paths which both come together in the unity of the heart. These are spiritualities embodied in matter, since they include all dimensions of being: it concerns our spiritual, psychic, emotional and bodily dimensions. They make the link between the different visible and invisible worlds, between the Sacred and the profane.


Through the practices they offer, they allow us to manifest the invisible to make it visible.


Is there always Tantra, Shamanism and constellations in all the courses?

I could say that the spirit of Tantra and Shamanism are indeed always present. In fact, there are no so-called “tantric” structures in the Shamanism courses.


On the other hand , Tantra courses include shamanic rituals, more or less engaging depending on the themes and the energies present.


As for the Constellations, they remain present in all the courses as an extraordinary tool to highlight, heal or resolve situations.

For courses that are full board, can we sleep elsewhere than at the place of the course?

It is necessary to sleep at the place of the course because the program is intense. Our courses are immersive and offer you to dive into an experience (especially in shamanic courses for which we sometimes explore the nocturnal dimension). For your well-being it is therefore preferable not to have to interrupt work or energy by having to take the car and leave the group.

What is the best course to explore family wounds?

To explore transgenerational questions, group family constellation weekends will be the most suitable, because the question of the family system is at the heart of the work. However in the Circle of Sisters or in the doors, we also evoke and cross these questions by exploring the different ages and the different seasons of our lives.


Are the internships equal?

Parity is present in Tantra courses only. Indeed, since we also offer Circles specifically for Women and others specifically for Men, we reserve the space for these mixed tantric courses to meet female and male polarities. In parallel with the inner journey offered by Tantra , and thanks to the presence of the other, everyone can see and experience the duality within and around them. This allows him to explore the path of encounter, towards complementarity and then towards unity.

What is a Circle of Sisters?

It is a circle of women , in which Tantra, Shamanism and the Constellations serve the healing of women on an individual, trans-personal and collective level. We develop sisterhood , benevolence, self-love and acceptance of others.


The Medicine Wheel for Women , in connection with the cycles of the Woman, guides us in recognizing ourselves and allows us to highlight the wounds that need to be illuminated to find the peace and the fluidity of the mature Feminine. .


What and the size of the groups?

We generally welcome large groups of up to 40 people. We like this format which allows us to explore lots of different situations thanks to the encounter with the other who is a real mirror for each of us.


We then have a whole team of volunteers around the group who support us and accompany you closely. People in training, conscious and competent both therapeutically and energetically.

Is there an order to do the medicine wheel courses?

The Medicine Wheel is a cycle, a sequence, like that of the seasons. So there is no beginning or end. You can start where you feel the call!


Tantra and shamanism course mvie
Tantra and shamanism course mvie
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