Prophecy of the eagle and the condor - tantra shamanism course and family constellation

Reservations are open ! Places limited by the number of beds.

According to this prophecy, the cycle changes every 500 years and we would be today even in the time of the end of the domination by the Eagle. Its power was so powerful that the Condor almost disappeared from it... But just before the big change, the Condor reappears and flies in the sky with the Eagle... Wing to wing. Their mutual presence brings a great healing… A profound reconciliation of two systems which seem opposite and yet are complementary… They bring back the balance , and the possibility of communication between the Heart and the Mind !
This is a time when anything is possible!

The Amerindian prophecy of the eagle and the condor tells us of the cycle of two successive areas: that of the eagle which represents a materialistic world, a society which bets on its technological, scientific and financial development to increase its power and its political influence. A society where man is guided by his mind...

Shared meals and picnics to be brought by everyone.

Since I discovered and experienced this prophecy with John Perkin 5 years ago, I have taken another look at these two relationships to the world that seem opposed... A look full of hope and Faith in the complementarity of the Heart and of the Spirit ! In contact with the birds of prey in the aviaries of Lake Geneva , we will explore this duality within us and its possible pacification. We will see how the Heart and the Mind can serve each other…. the elements and their medicines will help us to circulate within us the teachings of birds of prey, of the lake, of the mountains, of the wind, of the fire ... to offer us a clearer look at ourselves and a more authentic connection with our Essence.

Tantra, Shamanism and Constellations Workshop: The prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor

Trip to the aviaries of the Aigles du Léman (74 – Haute-Savoie)

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  • Tantra, Shamanism and Constellations Workshop: The prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor - Mvie
  • Eagle and Condor Prophecy, Shamanism, Tantra and Family Constellation Course
  • Prophecy of the eagle and the condor - shamanism course


De Cœur à Cœur,

Accommodation in a cottage 60 euros on weekends, possibility of sleeping in a van nearby.

Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

Medicine woman on the way
Energy care – Accompaniment – Tantra and Shamanism course – Circles of Sisters – Shamanic, Systemic and Family ConstellationsTraining men and women medicines on the way

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