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I'm really sorry but to ensure quality follow-up for my current patients, I'm not taking new patients for follow-up at this time.

Thank you for understanding.

To accompany you, I always offer numerous courses and group treatments.

Also my companion Fabrice Negre (0650773915) offers energy and / or shamanic care in Gardanne. Do not hesitate to contact me.

For urgent cases please send me a detailed message on:

Thank you so much

???? Mvie

Global energy individual care

✨ This treatment is an individual treatment for adults as well as children, babies or animals.
✨ Thanks to its systemic awareness, it adapts to families, couples, businesses and any type of system that needs to find harmony and fluidity.

✨His philosophy:
From the here and now, he offers you a global energy approach, integrating your physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual planes.
He welcomes you into a sacred, benevolent and confidential space.
He accompanies you to put yourself at the center of your life.

✨ This approach allows you to regain your original energy and anchor yourself in life. You will thus be full of your potential by reactivating your vital flows.
By unlocking tensions at their Source, by releasing memories linked to trauma, stress, emotional shocks or bereavement, the energy of life will be able to circulate again.
All types of conflict situations or blockages (family, professional, environmental, etc.) can then be resolved.

✨ To do this, this treatment offers to guide you in an increased state of consciousness or in family and shamanic constellations . You will thus be able to liberate yourself through symbolic acts, soul recovery or extraction rituals, rituals for cutting toxic links, transgenerational, systemic or spiritual pacification, or even by reconnecting with your Medicine Wheel and your Essence. 

✨Supported by:

  • Bach Flowers
  • Travel in an increased state of consciousness,
  • transgenerational releases,
  • symbolic acts,
  • Shamanic treatments (extractions, soul recoveries, trips to the Drums),
  • the individual Constellations,
  • Genoscociograms,
  • Birth references,
  • Medicine Wheel Rituals,
  • Akashic guidance,
  • healing massages…
The rates :
70 euros per adult session
90 euros per couple session
50 euros per child session
60 euros the supervision
100 euros the birth repository
160 euros the massage (2 hours)

Individual Constellation Treatments

The work will begin with the definition of your problem and your need. I like to use post-its, cushions, chairs or playmobils to represent your problem and bring energy and light to the active system.

I will accompany you on the understanding and liberation of speech, pain, emotions, thoughts, beliefs or even the energies present. The objective is to rebalance the system, until it finds peace and harmony.

Whether through healing rituals , symbolic acts, trans-generational or spiritual pacifications, these techniques will work to the extent of your current possibilities on the physical, emotional , psychic and spiritual planes and on the visible and invisible planes. .


Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

Medicine woman on the way
Energy care – Accompaniment – Tantra and Shamanism course – Circles of Sisters – Shamanic, Systemic and Family ConstellationsTraining men and women medicines on the way

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