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A privileged time to question together the question of the Couple, to take the time to live together, for oneself and to deepen the Relationship.

Cycle 1, The Reliance:
Time to work on Reliance and harmonization of the couple, and for this:
Learn to create a sacred space, to give yourself time for discussion and sharing,
Discover communication tools to open up safely to the Other from the "I", in non-judgment,
To center oneself in order to be able to welcome the Other in all that he is without losing oneself,
Feel your energy limits in order to find your rightful place with the Other,
Playing with energies, mixing them, merging them, de-merging them,
Contact the right and benevolent touch,
Carry and let yourself be carried,
Heal the wounds of the Feminine, the Masculine and our Lineages, which are replayed through the Couple,
rejuvenate together,
Discover the Circle of Men and the Circle of Women,
And above all, Let Love be…

Cycle 2, the Alliance:
Time to work for the Alliance of Man and Woman, of the Masculine and the Sacred Feminine…, and for this:
Raise the energy in oneself in order to feed on oneself, to be "Full of one's own energy" and to be able to share it with the Other,
Free yourself from confusion, dependency and toxic ties that pollute the relationship,
Allow Love to flow so that Life Energies circulate to nourish the Couple,
Position yourself as an individual in order to make room for the Feminine and the Masculine,
Find yourself in the Bodily, Emotional, Psychic and Spiritual dimensions,
Synchronize and unite through sacred practices, Develop the Union of Feminine and Masculine in oneself and through oneself, in the Other and with the Other.

Cycle 3, Union or Sacred Sexuality:
Previous cycles required.





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