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The next Vision Quest will take place in August 2023, in the Vercors near Pont en Royans

From August 21 to 28, 2023 !

A quest for mink is a great Pas'Sage ritual ! To go in search of vision is to withdraw from the world to meet oneself, one's deep nature and one's inner spaces. You will be in total immersion in the wild nature of the Vercors. Alone with yourself and without any distractions, for 4 days and 4 nights you will go through this powerful ritual of initiation, transformation and clarification...

You will be guided, accompanied and supported in the invisible by your allies, by the Medicine Wheel and by a permanent shamanic watch .

In 2023 the Quest will be open to everyone without any prerequisites.

Registration and information by email:

Progress of a vision quest

We will begin with an immersion in nature, a meeting with the group and the place, the guardians of the place and the forces present.

The first night will be spent under the stars all together in order to unite the group and open our space of consciousness through our connection to the Source .

Rituals will be performed around this symbolic and powerful act of connecting to the subtle in order to be guided. We will listen to the messages and you will let yourself be chosen by a quest space. This space of about ten square meters will be your sacred space, your space of power during your retirement.

Then, rituals will be done around our invisible link which will help you to put in place your physical and energetic security.

We will then celebrate the separation: your departure for yourself, and you will honor yourself with a counting ceremony, to make the choice in conscience to let the past die.

4 days and 4 nights

The removal process lasts 4 days and 4 nights. You will be far from any landmark, fasting and with the only comfort of water, down and a tarpaulin.

You will go through your history, cleanse memories, clarify your present and learn to see the world differently: facing yourself with nature as your only contact, the world of perceptions and spirits will open up to you from within.

During your quest the fire will vibrate continuously. You will benefit from a shamanic, energetic and spiritual accompaniment, in the subtle as in the matter according to your needs. The connection between you, the fire and the companions will be permanent.

When you return from your quest you will wash off your new skin to completely free yourself from the old… we will celebrate your return and take the time to put your experience into words. We will end by celebrating the renewal and honoring the place and the forces present!

Shamanic vision quest
vision quest

So many emotions presenting to you the Earth that taught me so much ❤️⭕️❤️

✨✨✨✨Vision Quest✨✨✨✨

7 years ago I was preparing for this great rite of passage that changed my life forever... Ritual of transformation and deep encounter with my Sacred Space , where the Medicine of the Rattlesnake came to confront me with the fragility of Life and the the impermanence of the world...
I received the teachings that still carry me every day and a refined and clarified reliance...
Today I have the immense honor to accompany you on this path, with gratitude and humility. I let myself be guided by the spirits and by your souls with complete confidence…

May 2015, Departure for the Canyon de Chelly…

“The vision quest: a powerful rite of passage that comes to us from the depths of time.

Everyone chooses their place, retires there and fasts 4 days and 4 nights, alone, with the sole purpose of being with themselves.

Alone and yet accompanied in the invisible! Accompanied by the world of spirits, supported by places, nature and its inhabitants...! Alone and connected! Connected to the group of collectors, connected to the companions who watch the Sacred Fire night and day, who support souls and spirits….

But in the visible, everyone remains alone in front of themselves…. In this loneliness and destitution, everyone can thus dive into its depths and meet each other. Everyone can also take full measure of the nature that surrounds them... live to the rhythm of the sun and the Moon... listen to the song of the Earth and the Sky...

The quest for vision is an inner experience that allows us an intimate transformation on all levels…

  • It allows us, among other things, to dive into our shadows and to highlight certain parts that have been hidden until now...
  • It also allows us to take a new look at our life and our projects.
  • It allows us to contact our luminous parts, to affirm or discover new resources within us.

The vision quest offers us rebirth and a new vision of who we really are. It gives us the gift of our Essential.

The quest for vision then requires a thoughtful and total commitment on the part of everyone.”


Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

Medicine woman on the way
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