Réveillon Tantrique et chamanique 2023-2024 au Domaine de Tilopa à Tourves (83)

Where to spend your last day of the year?

Mvie et Fabrice vous proposer de passer un réveillon tantrique et chamanique
du vendredi 29 décembre 2023 à 19h au lundi 1er janvier 2014 à 18h, au Domaine de Tilopa à Tourves (83)

Awaken the Cosmic Serpent

We are pleased to invite you to celebrate the Passage to the new year 2024 together. We offer you a real exploration around the Connection to the Cosmic Serpent, that is to say the incredible energy of Life which circulates in us and connects us to the Universe for the awakening of our Being in all its dimensions .

New Year's Eve 2023 program

The course will take place over 3 evenings and 3 days. Over the course of these, we will experience meditations , dances , trances , shamanic journeys and constellations, drumming circles , sensory encounters or even massages .

In benevolence and gentleness, we will at the same time awaken our anchoring to the Fire of the Earth and to our energy of Life , our connection to the Source and to our spiritual energy , our Essence .

By opening our reception channels we will let the dense and subtle energies circulate in all parts of our being.
We will thus contact the power of our incarnation in joy and awareness . By aligning ourselves we will open up a little more to ourselves and then to the other.

Transmutation of old energies

The opportunity will be given to take stock of the year that is ending. By transmuting the old energies, we will seek the resources to give vigor and momentum to our new projects.

Ritualizing this passage will allow us to be fully creators of the new orientations desired for the cycle to come.

The shamanic constellations will make it possible to explore this space of possibilities, to pacify it if necessary, and to potentiate it.

They will free us from everything that prevents us from accessing the vibration of our Essence.

We will live these days as a journey . We will invite you to an initiation and exploration of the cosmic serpent. Throughout our adventures, this exploration will allow us to connect with our deep Essence. We will thus discover how to best embody the greatness of our Soul.

Useful information :

Prix : dans une fourchette en conscience entre 350 euros et 650 euros
Hébergement : en pension complète,
330 euros le séjour en pension complète, au Domaine de Tilopa, à Tourves (83).

Information and registration
Mvie: m
Or Fabrice : 0650773915


Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

06 63 15 89 57 – mvie.connection@gmail.com

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