Shamanism courses

Mvie offers shamanism courses around “ The Way of the Drum and the 7 Directions of the Medicine Wheel” which take place all year round as well as summer courses.

Find all the information on the way of the drum and the 7 directions of the Medicine Wheel on this link.

For summer internships, information can be found below.

Shamanism course “Shadow and light, Wizards and Witches”

Tantra and shamanism course

Participating in a shamanism course means:

  • go from the dense to the subtle,
  • open up to invisible worlds through massage and rites of passage,
  • connect to full presence in all dimensions of being and open your hyper-senses to perceive beyond the veils of illusion.
  • awaken the inner healer , the one who knows how to connect with the Source and the fire of the Earth to put his energy at the service of healing and the evolution of consciousness .

To embody your witch , your sorcerer , is to dare to welcome the part of yourself that has the courage to illuminate your shadows to release your power of Being.

Shamanism course: dates, registrations and prices

  • Next dates to come on 2024
  • The price of the course is in a range between 280 and 420 euros to be adjusted in conscience.
  • Accommodation: At Mas du Figuier : from 75 euros per day full board. A phone call to the Mas du Figuier to book your room and choose your rate!

Places limited by the number of beds

In the joy of meeting you, of meeting you, of welcoming you,

From heart to heart,



Ma Avani Sophia – Marie-Véronique Isnard

Medicine woman on the way
Energy care – Accompaniment – Tantra and Shamanism course – Circles of Sisters – Shamanic, Systemic and Family ConstellationsTraining men and women medicines on the way

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