An experience from the intimate to the Universal

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A nice article in the “Voici” magazine for September 2023 to present my activity!

Mvie tantra and shamanism courses

I explain in this article that following near-death experiences, I lost everything (my relationship, my house, my job) and received everything.

Unable to ignore the change that was taking place in me, I trained in Chinese and Oriental medicine and developed my own experience of shamanic techniques.

In a few months, my life took a new turn and I became a therapist by sharing my vision of the spiritual and the invisible through internships and training.

Shamanism courses

Designed as collective support, the courses allow participants to put themselves back at the center of their lives and reconnect with all their potential, in order to help them resolve their traumas.

The latter benefit from a holistic approach (corporeal, emotional, psychological and spiritual) which allows them to come together around activities such as singing, dancing, meditation or massage.

Finally, the use of the medicine wheel will guide them from the intimate to the path of the Universal.

Initiation to shamanism by mvie
Shamanism by Fabrice Negre

Dates of shamanism courses by Mvie

I offer these extraordinary experiences throughout the year with my team, in the south of France and elsewhere.

They come in different forms: shamanic constellations , rites of passage in the forest and shamanic courses in Ardèche or in the Moroccan desert and therapist training .

Find all the dates I offer for shamanism courses on this link and contact me to register for one of the courses offered.

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Mvie tantra and shamanism
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