The Goddess, the Mother: “She who fertilizes the World”, south of the medicine wheel

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The Mother Archetype: The Southern Pillar of the Feminine Medicine Wheel

Within the feminine Medicine Wheel, the archetype of the Mother occupies a special place in the south. She embodies a sacred power, a source of life and spiritual nourishment.

The Mother is the one who welcomes the rising vibration of the Amazon and her projects to fill them with her fruitful energy.

She puts herself at service, she is the nourisher, the welcoming, the generous. The mother enters the maturity of the feminine to nourish her achievements and her interior spaces with joy.

In this article, we will delve into the deeper meaning of the Mother archetype. We will study its symbolism, its role in our lives and how it can guide us on the path to personal growth.

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The Medicine Wheel: A Sacred Model

The Medicine Wheel is a spiritual model that has its origins in indigenous cultures and represents the cyclicality of life. The four cardinal points of the Wheel (North, East, South, West) are associated with specific elements, seasons and archetypes. The South is traditionally linked to the element of Fire, summer and the archetype of the Mother.

In the Women's Cycle, it is between the 15th and 21st day of the cycle. This is the ovulatory phase.

The Mother transmits to the great Weaver the achievements that she nourished with Life and Joy.

The Archetype of the Mother: Source of Life and Food

The Mother archetype symbolizes sacred femininity, fertility, compassion, and creation. She is the force that gives life, whether on the physical level by giving birth to children, or on the spiritual level by nourishing souls.

The Mother is the pillar of the family, the community, and society .

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How to Integrate Mother's Energy?

To integrate the energy of the Mother into our lives, I suggest you participate in one of the courses that I offer around the sacred feminine.

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